Vixen Mix


Welcome to can’t find the words Friday!

This will be a weekly feature on the blog, because music soothes the savage beast.

Can’t Find the Words Fridays will feature an Old School meets New School mixtape.

The mixtapes will be different from week to week.


This week’s mix is the Inner Vixen Mix.

So break out you clear heels, booty shorts, and pull up a chair!


What are you waiting for? Get to it Sista!


  1. Rocket – Beyonce:  Do I really need to explain why Beyonce’ is on the list…….?

  2. 12 play- R. Kelly:  Kel’s will give you 12 reasons to get it in tonight!

  3. Moments in Love Remix:  This is just an iconic Quiet Storm Remix.  I love it. And you will too.

  4. Compliments-Tank:  This sultry mix features Tank letting you know, “You’re the most beautiful-est girl in the world!”

  5. Mirror-Neyo:  Every watch yourself make love in the mirror.  Try it sometime, or just live vicariously through this song.

  6. Dirty Diana-The Weeknd Cover:  This is a song done by the famous Michael Jackson.  The Weeknd definitely did this cover justice.

  7. Shut it Down – “??”:  Heard this song and I loved it.  I am unsure who it is by.

  8. Fever – Peggy Lee – It just wouldn’t be right without Ms. Peggy Lee



Let me know what you plan to do with/to mix you little mynx you!

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