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Sometimes Faith Aint Enough


Sometimes pushing through our darkest moments are hard. Today’s video shows a lot at tips and tricks you can do when you think you just can’t go on. As you know, I’ve had moments where I walked in my darkness silently with a smile on my face. (If you don’t know  visit my story) So, these methods are tried Read more…

Big Grudge Detox

Big Grudge Detox

For a few years I’ve been getting into a lot of metaphysical things such as meditation, chakra clearing, aura cleanses and some other things. And whether it’s created a placebo effect of sorts, it works….for me. But lately I am trying to go a little more hardcore with it. Detoxes are all the rage right Read more…

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5 Things My Daughter has Taught Me About Life and Love. {Mother’s Day Edition}

5 Life Lessons My Daughter Taught Me

5 Things My Daughter has Taught Me About Life and Love. {Mother’s Day Edition} Hey Beautiful, Guess what!?  As my slogan says, “Today’s a new day.”  That means a chance to make yesterday right.  And you know what?  Sunday is Mother’s Day!!! *doing a little jig* That means Breakfast in bed… Spa Day… (insert scratching Read more…

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Marriage Counseling, Failures, and Rebirths

Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one and they are often shitty! (click to tweet baby!) We’ve all been there.  Everything if going fine, so you think, and BAM…road block.   It takes a lot for me to admit, but even though my husband and I have been together for 7 years we’ve just entered marriage Read more…

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I Love Without Reservations

I affirm image

I love without reservations. There is nothing my family members can do to earn my love; it is something I give to them freely. There is nothing they can do to lose it either, because I love them for who they are, not for what they do. The love I share with the people in Read more…

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