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Can’t Find the Words Fridays – Inner Vixen Mix

Vixen Mix   Welcome to can’t find the words Friday! This will be a weekly feature on the blog, because music soothes the savage beast. Can’t Find the Words Fridays will feature an Old School meets New School mixtape. The mixtapes will be different from week to week.   This week’s mix is the Inner […] Read more…

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I Love Without Reservations

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I love without reservations. There is nothing my family members can do to earn my love; it is something I give to them freely. There is nothing they can do to lose it either, because I love them for who they are, not for what they do. The love I share with the people in […] Read more…

Selfless Love is the Knot That Holds my Marriage Together

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Selfless love is the knot that holds my marriage together. ? My marriage is strong because a bond of selfless love holds it together. Selfless love stirs up forgiveness within me when self-righteousness tries to justify anger. Whenever frustration tries to blind me, selfless love allows me to see my spouse through the eyes of […] Read more…

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