I’ve never been the vindictive type and harbor ill-will to my exes.

When I was done, I was done; point blank period.

But I know a lot of women that still harbor hatred for their ex-boyfriends, ex-friends, ex-husbands etc. The law of attraction in relationships is powerful.

And that hatred can be doing more harm to you than to them.

First of all, your hatred for that person doesn’t affect their day to day life what-so-ever. You just think it does.

Second of all, if you still have ill-will then you still care. Why would you hand over control of your emotions if you didn’t?  So if you really do not care then why bother?

Why You Need to Let Go

There are several additional conscientious reasons you need to just let go and they are below:

  1. A team of researchers at Stanford University in California found that women who repressed their emotions were more likely to show disruptions in the normal balance of the stress hormone cortisol, which can predict early death in women with breast cancer that has spread to other areas of the body.
  2. “Repressing anger magnified exposure to physiological stress, thereby increasing the risk of cancer” [Journal of Psychosomatic Research]
  3. “Chronic unforgiveness causes stress. Every time people think of their transgressor, their body responds. Decreasing your unforgiveness cuts down your health risk. Now, if you can forgive, that can actually strengthen your immune system”. [Virginia Commonwealth University]
  4. “Forgiveness could boost the immune system by reducing the production of the stress hormone cortisol”  [Rockefeller University – New York]
  5. “When you hold onto the bitterness for years, it stops you from living your life fully. As it turns out, it wears out your immune system and hurts your heart”.  [Stanford University Center for Research in Disease Prevention]

Guilt, Anger, & Hate is Literally Killing You

Even research has indicated that specific types of emotions cause different types of cancer. Dr Ryke Geerd Hamer identified and reviewed 20,000 cancer patients and found the below:

ADRENAL CORTEX: Wrong Direction. Gone Astray
BRAIN TUMOR: Stubbornness. Refusing to Change Old Patterns. Mental Frustration
BREAST LEFT: Conflict concerning Child, Home or Mother
CERVIX: Severe Frustration
GALL BLADDER: Rivalry Conflict
KIDNEYS: Not wanting to Live. Water or Fluid Conflict
LUNGS: Fear of Dying or Suffocation, including Fear for Someone Else
MIDDLE EAR: Not being able to get some Vital Information
PROSTATE: Ugly Conflict with Sexual Connections or Connotations
SPLEEN: Shock of being Physically or Emotionally Wounded
THYROID: Feeling Powerless

BLADDER: Ugly Conflict. Dirty Tricks
BREAST MILK GLAND: Involving Care or Disharmony
BREAST RIGHT: Conflict with Partner or Others
COLON: Ugly Indigestible Conflict
HEART: Perpetual Conflict
LARYNX: Conflict of Fear and Fright
LYMPH GLANDS: Loss of Self-Worth associated with the Location
MOUTH: Cannot Chew It or Hold It
RECTUM: Fear of Being Useless
STOMACH: Indigestible Anger. Swallowed Too Much
TUMOR (IN LOCATION): Nursing Old Hurts and Shocks. Building Remorse

BONE: Lack of Self Worth. Inferiority Feeling
BREAST MILK DUCT: Separation Conflict
BRONCHIOLES: Territorial Conflict
ESOPHAGUS: Cannot Have It or Swallow It
INTESTINES: Indigestible Chunk of Anger
LIVER: Fear of Starvation
MELANOMA: Feeling Dirty, Soiled, Defiled
PANCREAS: Anxiety-Anger Conflict with Family Members. Inheritance
SKIN: Loss of Integrity
TESTES /OVARIES: Loss Conflict
UTERUS: Sexual Conflict


My Run in With Cancer

It was literally a fluke in oversight that it was missed and a fluke when it got caught.  I was literally sitting in the office for a sore throat when my nurse was just leafing through my chart and asked why I haven’t scheduled my operation yet.Out of transparency, when I was 23 I was diagnosed with Stage IV precancerous cervical tissue.  I was months away from contracting cervical cancer, AT 23!

What operation? Needless to say, I was going under the knife in less than a week.  I had no time to read up on my diagnosis, or even take it in.

I cried, and cried and cried some more.

Looking at the chart I see that it was possibly due to severe frustration.

Around the time I was diagnosed, I was dealing with overcoming sexual assault. But I was doing it alone. I was highly frustrated and acting out a little and had been doing so for two years.

So essentially, I had bottled up two years of anger and frustration and it allowed an environment for my cancer cells to thrive.

Mine was caught prior too, but why risk it?

At the End of the Day…Is it Worth it?

So honestly I ask you, is it worth it?  Are the grudges you hold worth the outcome?

Since my surgery, I’ve yet to have another relapse or a pap that has come back suspicious.  And I’m not saying I’ve led the most perfect life since, but I’ve gotten real with myself.  I accepted what happened to me, and I moved on.

[Tweet “Your acceptance of the wrong doing does not validate it.  You are doing it for yourself.”]

Need additional steps to healing, try the Grudge Detox and if you’re ready to jump all in sign up for the Embracing the Tears self-paced course to clearing out your negative energy.

Take the next step, I dare you. It’s better than the alternative.



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