When was the last time you looked at your reflection and thought, “I’m beautiful…I am enough?”

I get it.

Those stretch marks are a visual reminder that you are flawed.

You think if only:

  • My thighs didn’t touch;
  • My breast were bigger/perkier;
  • My stomach was flatter;
  • My ass looked like Kim Kardashian’s.;
  • I lost 10 more pounds…

That life would be so much better.

You think once those things happen you’ll be fine…

I’m hear to tell you that you’re wrong. That the little voice in your head will just find something else to nit-pick.

The attention would go to your hair, your eye color, your wardrobe, etc.

The inner critic can always find something wrong with you. That’s it’s job. He’s not called your inner critic for nothing. (Yes, I said he because I refuse to believe another feminine energy would treat me so harshly.)

Wouldn’t you love to enter a party and have all eyes on your as you work the room; not because you’re flawless but because YOU OWN IT. Your existence that is.

You want to be that lady who exudes confidence whether in yoga pants or a red fitted cocktail dress complete with 4 inch pumps.

You CAN be that woman, but you need to d the inner work of recognizing you are enough.

bare your soul event

We spend billions of dollars every year on the beauty industry. An industry that is built on pointing out our flaws and selling a fix to what they stated isn’t good enough, of course at a premium. An industry that once you find a fix, points out another. You get told every day that you’re not enough.

I’m here to tell you that you are.

You are enough without the Spanx digging into your rib-cage.

You are enough without the MAC foundation you reluctantly purchased while browsing the department store, that set you back $45.

You are enough without the lash and hair extensions.



I would love for you to join me in a mini-treat so I can show you just how beautiful you are without the extras. I want you to strip down bare (your emotions that is) in front of the camera and Bare Your Soul.

The day will include energy healing, sistership exercises, and most importanly a mini-photography session showing you in your raw divine beauty.

If you’re one of those women that spent thousands of dollars covering up and changing what is uniquely you, it’s time to refocus on what makes you shine!

When: June 20th, 2015

Where: Curvaceous Photography, Glen Burnie MD (address given after purchase)

Time: 9:00AM to 4:00PM

Want to release your inhibitions, open your heart chakra, and sip some champagne all while healing your soul….Sign up below to keep informed of the event and when tickets are available.

Reserve Your Spot for only $100

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