Welcome beautiful! I’m Ty Johnson-Anderson.

My goal with my intuitive coaching sessions are to help you get more happiness and a better quality of life by realigning you with your passion and your purpose in life. All in an effort to help you manifest what you were put on earth to receive.

If you’ve ever felt that:

  • That no matter what you do nothing “works out”
  • That you can’t seem to “get right” or on track
  • You have no control of what happening in your life and around you
  • You always seem ill or sick.
  • Life is just passing you by and you’re just struggling to survive

…Then you’re in the RIGHT place!

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Here’s How I Help You Gain Clarity and Achieve Greatness.

I’m here to make you HAPPY.

A lot of my work revolves around your thought process. Let’s talk a little about that.


Did that sting a little? I’m sorry but you are an embodiment of your thoughts; these thoughts result in negative energy that surrounds you and everything you come in contact with.

But I’m here to help you reverse that.

Think of me as a little Iyanla Vanzant, Tony Robbins, Long Island Medium, and Beyonce’ all blended into one person. I will get you “To & Gether”, while inspiring you to be great; all with a healthy splash of glamour!

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I do this by using my military experience as a combat intelligence analyst, my psychic mediumship abilities, and rationalization  to help you develop strategies to win the war against your subconscious and figure out what it is you were MEANT to do.

I’m your very own Life Strategist

To do this I follow a mantra of the great Maya Angelou:


If you ever wanted a girlfriend that was able to keep you in check and keep it 100, then I’m your girl.

Stop wasting your time stressing over things outside your control and control what you can, your thoughts.

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About Ty Johnson-Anderson

What I am not is a world renowned therapist. I don’t have celebrity clients.

I am just a mother, wife, medium, and intelligence analyst, which despite my seemingly perfect life, felt kind of out of sorts.  Something just wasn’t right.

I couldn’t lose weight.  My house was a mess.  I was literally losing my hair. My sex life was null and void.

Plain and simple I wasn’t happy.  And just couldn’t “get right” to save my life.  I felt that I was always playing catch up.

I begin to do research and found that I was a figurative BAG LADY.  I was dragging around pounds and pounds of mental baggage from my past.  Even though I accomplished a lot, those achievements always had moments of me messing them up.

In search for answers for myself, I did what I do best.  In fact, I did what the military trained me to do.

I researched every possible way of getting to happiness and chose the path that made the most sense.

This is what I do best.  Along the way, I found that mastering my subconscious was the way to resolve the issues that were showing up in my life, and so I’m bringing that knowledge to you.

It’s my mission to bring you self-love.

I love you and I want YOU to love YOU too.

Know that I am taking this journey with you, as I am far from perfect.  But I have managed to gain control of my mental state and not allow it to run my life.

Join the soiree below and tell your subconscious to “kick rocks”, you run the show.  Take control of your life now. You’ll get a FREE KARMIC SELF-LOVE Mini-Course and insider only offers and information about events for members.  So, submit your membership below and I’ll see you on the other side!

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With all the love in the world!

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