Hello Beautiful!

First and foremost I love that you’ve stopped in my corner of the interwebs. I would love for you to make yourself at home.

You’re in the right place if the following REBEL GODDESS MANIFESTO has you twerking in your seat, and yelling out a YASSSS!


  • We’re sort of magpies. We love all things that glitter and make zero apologies for it.
  • Manifesting is LIFE! The easier the better. Who has hours to devote to visualization, amiright?!
  • We love spiritual opulence. We don’t subscribe to the struggle mindset that seems to permeate the spiritual community. You can be spiritual and love the material comforts of your present life path.
  • We’re all about living authentically and honoring all sides of our human existence. No spiritual bypassing here. We don’t fake the funk. There’s a duality to our humanness.
  • We DO NOT look down on others for their lifestyle choices. No one of us is better than the other. We understand that our existence and path will vary greatly from our fellow Goddesses.
  • We’re about zero excuses. There’s more than one way to skin a cat. We can get what we want in spite of.
  • We’re led by our intuition and refuse to deny our superhuman capabilities. *No, you’re not crazy*

If the above sounds like you, then welcome! If it doesn’t, you’re still welcome, as long as you’re okay with TRUE AUTHENTICITY; not just the kind that looks good on an IG feed.